While on a trip home, I was asked by my sister, a Silicone Valley employee, to compile a list of “emerging” abstract painters so that she could invest $7,000 in a painting. I relayed this story to a gallerist in Los Angeles, who remarked on the large number of calls she receives from Silicon Valley employees looking to invest specifically $7,000 in an abstract painting by an emerging artist. “Investment Paintings” is a series painted by a fictional emerging artist, Nate Argen, and priced at $7,000 each. The work was installed on a street in Amsterdam which is undergoing rapid gentrification.

Nate Argen was born in Los Angeles in 1987 and currently lives and works in New York. He graduated with a BFA from Cooper Union, New York in 2011. Argen’s work explores various processes of painterly abstraction. He has become known for his large scale paintings that tend to be conceptually oriented, made in response to the aesthetics of digital culture. His work traverses a spectrum of styles and concerns, from chance to purpose, sparse to saturated, sublime to familiar. Argen’s paintings draw from the repetition of imagery and gesture that make up our everyday—his process of pouring paint onto the canvas is reminiscent of flowing data streams, evoking the movement of information through an infinite digital landscape.


After swiping, where did my day go 60 x 83 cm

Trolling on a Sunday afternoon 60 x 83 cm

But who are you in RL 60 x 83 cm
$7,000 SOLD