“Après moi, le déluge” (“after me, the flood” or “after me, come what may”) is a performance-installation exploring the simultaneous phenomena of “self-care” and “survivalism” in contemporary culture. “Self-care” or “wellness” culture focuses on physical maintenance through a number of dietary, fitness, lifestyle and beauty regimens (yoga, detox, bio, diy, minimalism). “Survivalist” or “prepper” culture focuses on building skills, tools and supplies for the coming apocalypse/disaster (solar flares, economic collapse, natural disasters, nuclear war, terrorist attacks, contagious viruses). These trends are two reactions or “coping mechanisms” to the growing instability of hyperobjects, creating a sense of comfort or security for an uncertain future. While both have their merits, both are individualist approaches which adopt an “every man for himself” attitude,—contributing more to the problem, than to possible solutions.

The topic was then given by invitation to 20 artists, designers, horticulturalists, theorists, historians and psychologists to contribute to a publication which can be viewed here.

Après moi, le déluge
Performance, steel, oak, canvas, audio track, almond milk, kiwi, banana, offset printed publication
KlaraKiss Zipspace, Zurich