I’m wise to you, honey is a quote from “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, a popular adventure novel written in the 1920’s by a German anarchist who moved to Mexico to escape a death sentence, spending the rest of his life in hiding, writing subversive fiction under the name B. Traven. In the story, a group of men are driven to their demise and wit’s end by greed: leaving nothing for their gold mining efforts but the skin on their backs. Although it was later adapted to film, abstracted and commodified, a glimpse of the original message remains, of how a desire for more as an affect of a capitalist model, will lead to our own undoing. I’m wise to you, honey warns of the dangers of exerting dominance over nature and each other, ridiculing the gluttonous white male.

A ladder which returns to the ground, 1 & 2
Discarded Christmas tree stumps, aluminum, oak, acrylic

A shade is cast
Braided straw

Remember your rabbit friends: for Dirty Nose, Oreo, Velvetine & Rosebud Secondhand rabbit skins, ash branches, hardware, papier-mâché

Who wears the pants?
Worn leather pants, hardware

Schimmel Pimmel
Worn leather pants, papier-mâché