Palacon is a five day performative workshop held in the CAPC Bordeaux with students from the EBABX. 

Palacon uses one material in abundance—onions—to create a scenography of dissent from the outside world, momentarily forging a self-sustaining community who sing songs of protest in Esperanto and rebuilds a world which has fallen apart.

In five days set, costumes, and narrative were constructed collectively, songs were rehearsed and a feast prepared.

*The choice of onions was for their historical use as apotropaic devices and their latin root “unio” meaning “unity”, with the message that together we can ward off the evils of this world.

Photo credit: Arthur Pequin

Palacon with Elise Ehry and Daría Galabriel
Performative Workshop + Video, 17 minutes
CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux