Over the last year and a half, I dated 21 guys on Tinder. Our time together was usually brief, lasting only one date or a few, sometimes a few weeks with vigorous texting between. There were times when I thought I was completely in love, times when I was totally rejected, and times when I knew we would use each other for sex and text break-up the next day. It was easy to reach the point of desensitization, to recognize types and quickly establish characters—Mamas Boy, Pyramid Dick, Healing Panda, Lithuanian Dancer, Tiger Eyes. From this rapid and often aggressive dating experience, one thing was certain—there would always be the prospect of someone else who would be more smart, more good-looking, more funny or more novel in some way. 

It would be too easy and a huge waste of time to leave these lovers behind, wiping them from memory only to let them resurface as exaggerated anecdotes or a twinge of regret years later. Why not dredge up the unflattering muck of awkward first dates and one night stands, or even those few weeks when we seemed to be made for each other? On Valentine’s Day, I chose to dedicate my work and attention to you, my 21 tinder dates of the past year and a half. This exhibition was not an effort to rekindle the flame, but to acknowledge that we are all people beyond image or object—to have a drink, and maybe actually get to know each other.

Nice ass hat
Hat, thread

Jameson and Ginger fountain
Multiplex, acrylic, pump, whiskey, ginger ale

Indifferent turtleneck
Cotton jersey

You wish you grew up at the beach
Sand, faux hair, miniatures

A woman opens the door (to the feelings of men)
Performance with Annika Kappner

Banana pancakes holder
Multiplex, acrylic, bananas, eggs

Crazy Fools
iPhone video

A hoax
Coasters, glasses, tap

You probably smelled like this

An excuse to leave the conversation (imaginary phone)
Acrylic on canvas

Ur going to regret having a gemini around 😉
Wax candles, multiplex

Healing panda
Multiplex, acrylic, fog machine

Panda sperm
Acrylic on canvas

Give me something to hold onto
Ass selfie stick

It’s all goodizle
Steel, acrylic, cord, fur

You didn’t want me to come over but I did anyway
Acrylic on canvas

Tiger eyes
Acrylic on canvas

Cotton jersey

Gratis biertje for Momo
Glass, beer

Sex bombs hey

Multiplex, acrylic

A few locks
Human hair, courderoy

To all the men I never loved, the card game
Playing cards