Anna Reutinger, b. 1991 in Oakland, California lives and works in Berlin. Her practice combines sculpture, installation and performance to propose a return to craft in defiance of capitalist production cycles and as seed for social, material and environmental empathy. Oscillating between incidental and intentional gestures, she uses found material and social input to expose the transitory nature of things and beings, and their interconnection.

She is a tutor in the Dirty Art Department at the Sandberg Instituut where she also received her M.F.A. in 2016 after a B.A. in Design Media Arts and Digital Humanities at UCLA in 2013. Her work has been exhibited at the CAPC musée d’art contemporain de Bordeaux, Saint Etienne Biennale, FR—MKG Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, DE—Jan van Eyck Academie, W139, De Fabriek, NL—KlaraKiss Zipspace, CH—Macao Milano, IT—The Hammer Museum, The Getty Center, The New Wight Gallery, Chin’s Push and Control Room, Los Angeles, US.

Performance at SETU, Elliant, Finistère, FR. 29 – 31 August.
Duo-Solo with Garance Wullschleger, Galerie NEF, Stockholm, SE. 8 Sept – 15 Nov.
Residency at Villa Ruffieux, Sierre, CH. 1 Sept – 10 Nov.



Sandberg Instituut, Gerrit Rietveld Academie — 2014 – 2016
M.F.A. Dirty Art
University of California, Los Angeles — 2009 – 2013
B.A. Design Media Arts, Digital Humanities


Stuck in the same muck, Editorial, Vilnius, LT. 7 – 29 May.

Palacon, performative workshop, collaboration with Elise Ehry and Daria Galabriel, with students from EBABX, CAPC musée d’art contemporain, Bordeaux, FR. 7 – 14 Dec.
Dust settles, soaps slip, in conversation with Marta Krześlak, Galeria Jedna Druga, Szczecin, POL. 4 Mar – 30 Apr.

Morte liiiiiiiiiffee, still naaaaaattuuree, duo-solo with Garance Wullschleger, Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague, CZ. 7 – 15 Nov.
I’m wise to you, honey, Casino Palme, Berlin, DE. Apr 26 – May 15.
Après moi, le déluge, duo-solo with Garance Wullschleger, KlaraKiss Zipspace, Zurich, CH. 15 Feb, 2019.

To All The Men I Never Loved, Cafe Mansro, Amsterdam, NL. Feb 14, 2017.

Workwatugot but Dontloseurhead, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, NL. 30 Sept – 9 Oct 2016.
Real Talk, Daily Solo Show, Macao, Milan, IT. 1 Apr, 2016.
Investment Paintings: New Work by New York Based Artist Nate Argen, QUNST, Amsterdam, NL. 18 Sept – 20 Oct 2015.


All Corners Made to be Leaned  with Anna Budniewski & Michael Dikta, Sarah Doolan, Till Gerhard Hausotte, Anna Hostek, Leander Kreißl, knuddi2000, Arthur Löwen, Katerina Matsagkos, Philipp Naujoks, Phung Tien Phan, Sara Rossi, Katharina Schilling, Georg Thanner, Lissy Willberg. Invited by Eliza Ballesteros, Attic at Bayenwerft Kunsthaus Rhenania, Mar 5 – Apr 18.
Glass, trash, donkey, pumpkin, belly, melody with Alexandra Phillips, in the installation of Life on Planet Orsimanirana by Jerszy Seymour, MkG Museum für Künst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Feb 1 – 30.

Body Occupation, collaboration with Maria Thrän, with Abby Wright, Joannie Baumgartner, Katharina Bévand, Stephan Gross, Edurne Herrán, Branislav Jankic, Tra My Nguyen, Marina Paez, Shannon Turner & Stefano Tauiti. Curated by Brunno Silva. Dada Post, Berlin, DE. 3 -19 Oct.

Open Beta with Bailey Keogh, Caroline Wall, Dorit Sirkes, Johanna Diehl, Jon Ferguson, Juan Salazar, Kaspar Kamu, Mauricio Sauma, Sanna Laaban, Valentina Schumacher, Zac Craig. Studio Beta, Berlin, DE. 7 Sept – 15 Nov 2019.

The Wandering School Part 2: Revolution or Bust! with The Dirty Art Department, Where Plato Taught: Academiae Youth Biennale, Fortezza Franzensfeste, Brixen, IT. 6 Jul – 31 Oct, 2018.

A Retrospective of Horniness and Carpal Tunnel or Endless Potential and Eventual Flaccidity, Het Weekender, De School, Amsterdam, NL. Jun 10, 2017. 
Lucky Larry’s Cosmic Commune XXX, St Etienne Biennale, FR. Mar 8 – Apr 9, 2017.
Jan van Eyck Open Studios, Maastricht, NL. Mar 9 – 11, 2017.

Friends Only, Vriend van Bavink, Amsterdam, NL. Nov 26 – Dec 24 2016. 
Exit Strategy, Naritaweg 48, Amsterdam, NL. Jun 16 2016.
The Wandering School, Macao, Milan, IT. Apr 1 – 17, 2016. 
SuperLandEscapes, Ramfoundation, Rotterdam, NL. Curated by Studio Makkink & Bey. Jan 10 – Mar 6, 2016.
Gym of Obsolete Technology, W139, Amsterdam, NL. Jan 29 – Feb 21 2016.

Quiche Lorraine, Assembly Hall, Amsterdam, NL. Oct 2015.
Panspermia, Noord Kerk, Amsterdam, NL. Oct 2015.
The Artist as Warrior, Rongwrong, Amsterdam. May 2015.
The Moonlight Center, WOW, Amsterdam, NL. Apr 2015.
Radical Fun Times, Postnorma, Amsterdam, NL. Jan 2015.

Non Stop Plaza, De Fabriek, Eindhoven, NL. Oct 2014.
Of No Fixed Address, RAID Projects, Los Angeles, USA. Mar 2014.

C-Note, Jaus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA. Jan 2014.
A Germ Grows into Life/Knowledge, Chin’s Push. Highland Park, USA. Dec 2013.
Group XXXV, MAK Center for Art and Architecture at the Mackey Apartments. Los Angeles, USA. Eva + Steffi: Making L.A. Mar 2013.
UV/UG, New Wight Gallery, The Broad Art Center. Los Angeles, USA. Jan 2013.


Associate Professorship, Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam 2019-present.
Dirty Art Graduation Exhibition, Curation & Mentoring. Jun 2019.
DIY Berghain, Talk, The Hmm, Fanfare, Amsterdam, NL. Mar 27.
Wake n Bake: Rebirth of the Pot II, Workshop taught with Daniel Dewar, Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, NL. 24 Mar – 29 Mar, 2019.
Wake n Bake: Rebirth of the Pot, Workshop taught with Daniel Dewar, Dirty Art Department, Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam, NL. 14 Oct – 19 Oct, 2018.
On Alterity and Self Performance, Discussion Panel, Forum of Live Art Amsterdam (FLAM), Franscati, Amsterdam. 3 June, 2017.
Self Romantic Gestures, Lecture, Eventual Scoliosis, Macao, Milan, IT. 
Workwatugot: Making and Responsibility, Lecture and Jury Member, AMFI Triptiek, Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam. 16 – 18 Jan 2017.
Stimuleringfonds Vormgeving, Interviewed by Femke Dekker, A-Lab, Amsterdam. 1 Dec 2016.


Rupert, Vilnius, LT. 1 Apr – 10 May, 2021.
Inkubator Collective, Berlin, DE. Aug – Sept 2020.
Petrohradská kolektiv, Prague, CZ. Oct – Nov 2019.
Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, NL. Nov 2016 – Mar 2017.
The Wandering School, Macao, Milan, IT. Mar – Apr 2016.


Cultural Exchange Fund, Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, 2021
Stimuleringsfonds, Jan van Eyck Labs Grant, 2016 
Elaine Krown Klein Fine Art Scholarship UCLA, 2013
Design Media Arts Exhibition Award UCLA, 2012
Type Director’s Club Scholarship New York, 2011
Judith and Milton Stark Scholarship UCLA, 2011
Jo-Bell Wolf Scholarship UCLA, 2011
School of Arts and Architecture Dean’s Scholarship UCLA, 2010


A User’s Guide to Not Getting Used: Tips for subverting digital platforms”, The Hmm, Sept 2019
Après moi, le déluge, Feb 2019
How U Survive This Life Everyday, Resourcefully
aka A Subjective Guide to Waste Management
aka The Volatility of Objects Extended and Unedited

March 2017
“Weak Sleek Bodies”, WhoKnows, Issue 4, Jun 2016 : Fiction, Landscape, Criticism, Jun 2016
Talk And Talk And—, baumtest quarterly, Jun 2014
Of No Fixed Address, baumtest quarterly, Mar 2014
A Germ Grows Into Life/Knowledge, baumtest quarterly, Dec 2013
Graphite Interdisciplinary Journal of the Arts, Apr 2012


Upon request.

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