Love stain is a collaborative apotropaic performance using madder, an ancient dye material which was also used in the middle ages as a contraceptive. From a tent in a lonely clearing, festival goers are invited through the lure of a new folk song to draw a face they once loved and the face they will love next, turning to the past to imagine new ways of living together in the future.

The song plays reference to the peasant and heretic uprisings described in Silvia Federici’s “Caliban and the Witch”, the mystery of the Shroud of Turin and current ecological changes, along with shared dreams and worries.

Recorded with the voices of Melodie Gogué-Meunier, Ann Lou Legrand, Pauline Todd, Coralie Goncalves, Margaux Parillaud and Anna Reutinger

Photo credit: Yves de Orestis

SETU Festival
Elliant, Bretagne
28 – 29 August, 2021